Welcome To My Twisted Blankie

You have reached the home of TealFruit (you can just call me Teal :P) and all his various projects!

I created this page for several reasons. For one thing, social media is becoming more and more hostile for artists, queers, sex workers...I could go on. Getting away from that seemed like a pretty good idea!

Another reason is because I love learning new things, and learning to code in order to make this page has been pretty fun so far! I love how customizable it is and the thrill of typing in some code and seeing it work as intended is really satisfying!

And finally: I am a man of many talents. A jack of all trades, if you will (and certainly a master of none!). Making different socials for my various projects is exhausting. I can barely keep up with ONE account on ONE site! So having everything in one place, sorted out the way I want it, is really nice.

About Teal

I'm so bad at these every time. Who am I even???

I'm a queer transmasc guy in my late 20s. My preferred pronouns are he/they, and I live in the southeastern US. I have a wonderful, beautiful wife and 3 adorable cats. My favorite food is sushi, favorite drink is Dr. Pepper, and favorite color...should be obvious.

I'm an artist, but that's a pretty broad term...I draw, I make digital art (also drawing), I do graphic design, I paint, I knit, I dabble in sewing and if I had the funds I'd be a sculptor too! And that's just the traditional visual art forms--I'm also a musician! I play piano (not well) and compose digital music. I also sing, but because i'm on testosterone, my voice is changing and it makes me sound a little wack. I also write, mostly song lyrics but occasionally poetry and a bit of fiction (fan and otherwise).

Fun Fact: many of the assets on this site were handmade by me! I created the background, these cute graphics, the header image, and even the font of the text you're reading (assuming you're on desktop...it's not working on mobile for some reason). The only thing I didnt make was the base code for the site, and even that has been heavily altered--I'm still pretty new to coding so I don't know how to actually make things, but I can tweak pre-made stuff at least.

This site is still a work in progress! Please stay tuned for more content coming soon!